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Shawn Campbell, Surmount, acrylic on canvas, 2019

Engaged with the military, football, power, religion, propaganda, and
government, Shawn Campbell’s work forges unexpected relations between these cultural phenomena and investigates the idea of spectacle within civil, financial, and political power. Across diverse mediums including photography, sculpture, video installation and painting, Campbell’s work borrows from the aesthetics of minimalism, baroque, pop art, and byzantine while using readily available building materials such as plywood, commercial advertising, obsolete objects such as monitors and slide projectors In this way, key systems appear, granting pieces within the overall body of work the ability to collaborate with one another through aesthetics and language – working in a broad and open manner, presenting questions and granting the viewer the opportunity to connect within the work openly. The concept of power is laced throughout the work. Campbell utilizes physical and psychological play in order to point out how violence has become a central and pervasive phenomenon within contemporary American culture.

Shawn Campbell is an artist located in the Southeast United States. He earned a bachelor of fine arts with a concentration in photography from The University of Akron and a master of fine arts with a concentration in studio art from The University of Georgia. Campbell’s work engages with the military, football, religion, propaganda, and government. Its threads are woven together to form and uncover unexpected relationships between them. Borrowing from the aesthetics of Minimalism, Baroque, Pop Art, and Byzantine iconography, Campbell’s work also utilizes a variety of mediums including photography, sculpture, video, installation, and painting. The work is able to function in a broad and open manner due to its recognizable media and art-historical references, presenting questions and granting the viewer the opportunity to connect within the work openly.



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