Transcendent – Mitch Galiano

Mitch Galianoany/all

The Act of Acceptance is a self-portrait, which seems serene or even contemplative on a surface level. Those who know what to look for, however, will see that I am wearing a binder and that this piece is actually an homage to my genderfluid identity. This is the reason I chose to add a sash to slightly cover it up; it was important for me to have it as a secret with the knowing viewer. At the time of making this piece, I was still coming to terms with my identity, which is why it is more secretive than it would have been had I made it now. However, the pose I have placed myself in, the circular light behind the figure, the sash across the side of the body—all these characteristics are almost religious in nature. This was intentional. I wanted the viewer, especially one who recognized that I was wearing a binder, to see the ways in which I wished to worship myself. 

Mitch Galiano (any/all pronouns) is a senior at Agnes Scott College. His multiple identities—such as being genderfluid and Mexican American—are a big part of their work and why he makes art. He has experimented with a variety of mediums and often classifies her pieces as mixed media. In the future and as part of their senior art seminar, she plans to use found objects to create interactable, sculptural pieces. 

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