Fall 2023 exhibition: Recordar/Anhelar: Aesthetics of Undocumentedness

We are excited to announce our fall exhibition- Recordar/Anhelar: Aesthetics of Undocumentedness curated by Erika Hirugami. The artworks in this exhibition are a multiplicity of remembrances that together outline the embodiment of undocumentedness as a mediation of hope. In this exhibition the recollections of Jackie Amézquita, Yehimi Cambrón, Nube Cruz, David Cuatlacuatl Federico Cuatlacuatl, Jose […]

Transcendent – Curatorial Statment

Everyone lives a gendered experience. This is a neutral statement. When I wrote the call for entries for this exhibition I was very intentional with the language I used. As I wrote there- our personal relationships to gender and identity are unique to every individual. I was conscious of the fact that my own language […]

Transcendent – Meganity Wattles

Meganity Wattles – they/him The attached works (Digital Assignments) explores the relationships of the body experience and identity through a nonbinary/genderqueer lens. I wish to share that there is an option that isn’t male or female, because that concept was revolutionary for me. External genitalia is from where we are given our birth genders and […]

Transcendent – Julian Uhlman

Julian Uhlman – they/him The mediums I enjoy are collage and painting, which this piece combines. This work, entitled “BINARIES,” is a text-based piece using resolute language and the recognizable pink-blue color combination to condemn the concept of binary. Julian Uhlman is a sophomore creative writing major from southeast Pennsylvania. They are interested in combining […]

Transcendent – Eliza Taylor

Eliza Taylor – they/she My work is a tool to explore human existence and our interactions with nature. I begin the artistic process by sourcing images from the internet and my life. I then compile these images on top of one another to express the past present and future of a moment in nature. Often […]

Transcendent – Royce Soble

Royce Soble – they/them I have been working on paper since 2016. I mix mediums of high flow acrylics, watercolor pencils, graphite, and archival gel pens. Instead of brushes, I mix paints by spraying water on the papers. Then, I press papers together or drag paints with the tips of sharpened pencils. Exploration of what […]

Transcendent – Salvi

Salvi – he/they Salvi’s art serves as a map that he creates to aid in the exploration of his own mind. In his work you’ll find themes of pain and conflict made into something beautiful through his curiosity. Salvador considers himself to be a creator of worlds hoping that, in pursuit of a place where […]

Transcendent – Abigail Ranic

Abigail Ranic – they/he/she Much of my work is addressing “non traditional” beauty standards and what makes bodies unique in their own way. I am a printmaking student at Georgia State, and I use mostly monoprinting and reductive techniques to produce art that is moody and reflective. “In Between Bodies” is a diptych piece I […]

Transcendent – Sara Murphy

Sara Murphy – she/her In ‘Performance Theory,” ink drawing, acrylic and watercolor painting, monoprints, and resin on panel combine to create a multilayered image that attempts to express some of the vibrant, pulsing frustration that seems to come hand in hand with attempting to embody (or at least not insult) a societally acceptable framework of […]

Transcendent – Pia Muhihu

Pia Muhihu – they/them My Artistic practice begins one of two ways: first being a new canvas or paints to try out and second being an idea that rolls its way into my life sometimes overnight other times months long. These are examples of both. The first piece titled in my room was set and […]

Transcendent – Kate Kosek

Kate Kosek – she/her My fiber sculptures playfully scrutinize and critique the gendered hierarchies inherent within art, craft, and design. I use abstract and representative forms to disrupt the ways we perceive an idea or an object’s function. Since the concept of craft was invented in relation to industrialization, I fluctuate between hand and machine […]

Transcendent – Emma Ming Kayhart

Emma Ming Kayhart – she/her I am a cis woman who took Accutane, the acne control medication, for 6 months during 2019. When I took the medicine, the language/verbiage for the instructions and information was very gendered. There were tons of warnings for *female* patients who can get pregnant and few to no warnings for […]

Transcendent – Edie Irwin

Edie Irwin – they/he/she Before creating this piece, I had some words cut out of an article about memory and memory loss, which I intended to use in a piece reflecting on myself and growing up. I used some of those words (“even if she does not recognize herself”) in the upper half of the […]

Transcendent – Deborah Hutchinson

Deborah Hutchinson – she/her Reflecting on my prior practices, forms related to concealment and contraction, and were repeatedly emerging. These forms evolved through both subliminal attractions and manipulation of the materials. This particular form emerged as both a release from a disconcerted sense of self regarding my lesbianism and an attraction to the combining of […]

Transcendent – Alyssa Hood

Alyssa Hood – she/her My work explores my identity and relationship to image making as it has been greatly influenced by my formative years as a member of a controlled organized religion. Through my research I examine the influence of religious indoctrination of images throughout childhood and early adulthood, and how imagery has conflicted with […]

Transcendent – GETSAY

GETSAY – they/them GETSAY is a Queer and non-binary Conceptual Artist, Activist, and Curator. They currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia, where they are a Studio Art: Focus in Photography MFA Candidate at Georgia State University (graduating 2023) and a Teaching Assistant of Photography and Studio Art. Their work stems from ideas that expand oneself through […]

Transcendent – Mitch Galiano

Mitch Galiano – any/all The Act of Acceptance is a self-portrait, which seems serene or even contemplative on a surface level. Those who know what to look for, however, will see that I am wearing a binder and that this piece is actually an homage to my genderfluid identity. This is the reason I chose […]

Transcendent – August Fisk

August Fisk – he/him This piece takes a stereotypical “girl’s toy” and uses text to address the audience and make them consider a different viewpoint of the trans perspective. It uses both the front and the back of the toy box to address the viewer. This piece also uses the toy itself, in an altered […]