Alyssa Hoodshe/her

My work explores my identity and relationship to image making as it has been greatly influenced by my formative years as a member of a controlled organized religion. Through my research I examine the influence of religious indoctrination of images throughout childhood and early adulthood, and how imagery has conflicted with my own vision and experience of the spectacular. The forbidden influences of pop culture, sex shop windows, prohibited images, and films manifest themselves into my vision, and raised questioned against the patriarchal authority. The process of deprogramming my own vision is examined in my painting process of demolition and rearrangement of sanctioned religious imagery composed by my own autonomy.

I am an artist earning her MFA from Georgia State University. I’m originally from Salt Lake City Utah and received my BFA from the University of Utah. I enjoy exploring nature, making messes on my palette, and my sweet cat Sabine

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