Meganity Wattlesthey/him

The attached works (Digital Assignments) explores the relationships of the body experience and identity through a nonbinary/genderqueer lens. I wish to share that there is an option that isn’t male or female, because that concept was revolutionary for me. External genitalia is from where we are given our birth genders and by remixing the forms I attempt to recontextualize this (occasionally emotionally violent) assignment into something transformed. I take aspects of the binary genders (female and male, vulva and phallus, pink and blue) and combine them into new configurations. I choose ceramics as my medium due to its inherent reference to the body and to the human; soft, supple, water-based, from the earth, but made into something entirely else from the mastery of fire. Much of my art involves long periods of intense concentration and efforts expended into control; hours spent carving intricate swirling details, the process of moldmaking itself from lifecasting to slipcasting, mixing and measuring minerals for glazes, and the endless recombination of my fingers onto things. But clay reaches a point where you must stop, let go, and fire the piece. The temperatures transform the mud into something entirely different.

Neurodivergent and Queer, Glitchy nonbinary transmasculine sculptor. BFA in Three Dimensional Studies/ Ceramics from GSU. Digital artist by night, sculpting by day.

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