Transcendent – Eliza Taylor

Eliza Taylorthey/she

My work is a tool to explore human existence and our interactions with nature. I begin the artistic process by sourcing images from the internet and my life. I then compile these images on top of one another to express the past present and future of a moment in nature. Often these moments are wildfires. Then I combine important imagery from my life, such as my girlfriend or a childhood game. I aim for the viewer to use my work as a place to process the highs and lows of human interactions with nature. Along with the viewer, I hope to find peace and clarity through the creation of this work.

Eliza Taylor is an Atlanta-based artist whose work explores the relationship between human emotions and nature. They work with a range of mediums but are often working with oil paints. Taylor was born in New Jersey but has spent most of their life in the Metro-Atlanta area where they also attended GSU for their BFA in Painting. At GSU Taylor was awarded the Marion B. Davis Scholarship. Additionally, they interned at the Atlanta Contemporary for the summer 2020 session. Currently, they work as a Forestry Technician with Trees Atlanta.

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