Transcendent – Royce Soble

Royce Soblethey/them

I have been working on paper since 2016. I mix mediums of high flow acrylics, watercolor pencils, graphite, and archival gel pens. Instead of brushes, I mix paints by spraying water on the papers. Then, I press papers together or drag paints with the tips of sharpened pencils. Exploration of what I think how people, who are queer, appear and live on the gender spectrum. There is not one way trans folx present themselves. As I am continuing to step into my own transness, I will continue to explore ideas on paper.

oyce Soble is a Native Atlanta who is a photographer and working artist over 25 years. They received their BFA in Photography in 1998 at Georgia State University. While Soble was working on their BFA in Photography, they took various classes of drawing and painting. Their passion for photography now had another medium to explore. Soble fell in love with Abstract Expressionism and has been working in that style for over 20 years. Since then, Soble’s fine art accomplishments range from being a part of shows including The Nexus Biennial, Hambidge Gala Exhibitions, over 20 years as a contributor with Art Papers Annual Art Party, and a solo exhibition at Callanwolde Fine Art. Soble’s documentary work is permanently archived at The Stuart A. Rose Manuscripts, Archive, and Rare Book Library of Emory University. The Collection of photographs begins in 1992 – 2000 of 24 photo albums of Soble’s life in Atlanta. It is full of their personal experiences as a participant, but also the voyeur. Covering Atlanta’s nightlife, art scene, and LGBTQ+ community that they grew up with. Each album is annotated with names, places, and dates. It is a chronological view of turn of the century Atlanta. Soble has a deep connection with both their Family, but also their Chosen Family. A Visual Storyteller. Soble expresses their emotions through their lens and through their mark making.

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