Pia Muhihuthey/them

My Artistic practice begins one of two ways: first being a new canvas or paints to try out and second being an idea that rolls its way into my life sometimes overnight other times months long. These are examples of both. The first piece titled in my room was set and created purely as work that queer people like me would hang in their most precious of spaces. Using subtle markers in the short nails and the bits of masculine clothing peaking through I felt it was ideal for other AFAB nonbinary masc folks to feel seen and represented. The Second piece titled Growth Mangifera indica, was an idea that i mulled over for about 2 years! but there was no better way to visually represent what coming into myself looked like. Working on beginning my transition and maintaining new sobriety I felt like I blossomed, just like the flowers do. Once the idea appears I take out the camera and shoot reference shots to later doctor and tweak in photoshop. I work with the photos until I have a solid base to begin my drawing, then I create a value study and color study. After all the kinks have been worked out I mix all my paints and get to work on the final piece, this is always a highlight in my process and something I could do forever.

Hello I’m Pia, a Kenyan born Artist raised in Birmingham AL and grew up in Atlanta. I’m finding my artist flow in the spaces in between all the places I’ve called home. My art practice began as a therapeutic tool to aid in my depression at a young age and blossomed into a much loved career over the past 10 years. When it comes to the materials I use, it truly depends on the mark it makes and the emotion or feeling I’m trying to convey. So far I’ve worked with and enjoy Watercolors, Acrylics, Oils, Gouache, graphite and charcoal, and digital painting suits. The goal is to make the idea come to life so whatever tool works best is what I’ll use. In my work the themes that tend to recur are centered around black people and plants. I love the way you can use the body to tell a story, a hand can hold so many different lives depending on the light and the pose! I paint for the version of me that needed to see these things in the real world, and I’ve found a good community that supports that and needs it too.

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