Transcendent – Kate Kosek

Kate Kosekshe/her

My fiber sculptures playfully scrutinize and critique the gendered hierarchies inherent within art, craft, and design. I use abstract and representative forms to disrupt the ways we perceive an idea or an object’s function. Since the concept of craft was invented in relation to industrialization, I fluctuate between hand and machine processes to traverse the boundaries created by uncooperative social structures. No material is off limits as I analyze the absurdity in how we constantly categorize types of work based on the binary. As bodily autonomy is threatened and Western society continues to gender and assign values to physical and emotional labor, my visual language challenges and dismantles the outdated perceptions embedded within contemporary culture.

Kate Kosek is an Atlanta-based visual artist whose studio practice evolved from her obsession with pattern-centric crafts made during an early 90’s childhood in Latham, New York. Kate exhibits her work internationally and has been commissioned for numerous mural and design projects. She is included in publications by Chronicle Books (US), Laurence King (UK), and Atem Books (Spain), and her 2014 clothing collaboration with Gorman was featured in Australian Vogue. Kate received her BFA in Painting and Drawing from SUNY New Paltz in 2009 and is currently an MFA candidate at Georgia State University with a concentration in Textiles.

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