Transcendent – Abigail Ranic

Abigail Ranicthey/he/she

Much of my work is addressing “non traditional” beauty standards and what makes bodies unique in their own way. I am a printmaking student at Georgia State, and I use mostly monoprinting and reductive techniques to produce art that is moody and reflective. “In Between Bodies” is a diptych piece I created; a commentary on my own gender identity as a non-binary person. Showing two cis gendered people with myself (not pictured) somewhere in between. “Self Reflection in Black” is just that, a reflection, or examination of myself and my own body. I made the abstracted version of myself intentionally androgynous with a pronounced adam’s apple and small breasts to further push this idea of androgyny.

Abigail Ranic knew what they wanted to be from a very early age. Being born in the summer of ’98 alongside their equally artistic twin, Abigail has always struggled with being their own person. This, accompanied by the perpetual absence of their mother, led to pieces that plead for attention while providing a window into past trauma and the ripples that have formed. Ultimately, Abigail’s work is the ultimate expression of an ego that has yet to come to terms with itself. Being queer and non-binary, the Decatur based artist also touches on their identity in the context of gender as well as non conventional beauty. Throughout their artistic career, Abigail has dabbled in various mediums, most notably oil painting, ink/charcoal drawing, and nude modeling. However, they found a passion for printmaking and began taking on techniques such as screenprinting monotypes, reductive monotypes, cyanotype, and relief processes. Abigail takes inspiration from the works of Opal Ecker DeRuvo, Picasso, Jenny Saville, and Anita Seckler. However, their main goal is to share what they’ve learned with the artists that will come after, whether it be through teaching or the ever expanding archive of their own work.

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