• Searching for Home Online Catalog

    This is the virtual catalog for Searching for Home. Print versions are currently available at the gallery. See expanded images below or download the catalog pdf below.

  • image by Dawn Williams Boyd

    Searching for Home

    A PROJECT OF THE MARGARET VIRGINIA PHILIP ENDOWMENT Gallery Hours:The gallery is currently open for in person visits by appointment only Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12-5pm. Reserve your ticket here. We have all searched for home. Some have found it, while for others it is a lifelong quest. In this century the entire interwoven globe has reeled from constant motion to arrested stop – and soon, back again — reacting to displacement – war – pandemic – violence – poverty – danger – climate – upheaval – politics – chaos – nature’s whims – disease. As the pendulum swings, some search for an ideal PLACE; others yearn for psychic or spiritual…

  • &yet catalog

    This is the catalog of works in &yet. As a part of our sustainability initiatives, a printed catalog will not be produced for the exhibition. You can click on the links by the listed works below or scan the corresponding QR code on the labels in the gallery to learn more about the works in &yet. & Curatorial Statement and Thanks & & Allison Aguilera, Passion Fruit, Porcelain and Watercolor, 2018 & & Roxanne Anderson, So Will Me & So Will You, Mixed Media on bristol mounted on fabric, 2019 & & Clarisa Berrios, Midnight, Watercolor and Gesso, 2019 &                                 Sunday Morning, India Ink, 2019 & Hannah Brooks, Pacific…