limbs heart tongue & teeth on view fall 2005 curated by Lisa Alembik.

“These fleshy vessels, our bodies, vehicles for our being, push into our surroundings. Form merges and turns as we respond to our environment. Moving, measuring time, we keep beat with our hearts. Gravity tethers us while the earth turns, propelled through space. We gather knowledge through our senses. Semi permeable membranes brush up against molecules that we inhale, absorb, sometimes reject.

How do we begin to understand our bodies? As babies we recognize ourselves as extensions of our parents’ hands, breasts, arms, feet. (Funny how as we age that knowing returns as sentiment when we see similarities in our own anatomy.) We learn about our apparent differences as children from our skin color to cultural or religious signifiers to our sex and size. All bodies cannot perform the same. Some require tools to operate. Some reside deep in their corporal form, grounded, breathing fully with their environs. The unbearable being floats above the body, unable to deal with mortal truths. Our body surrenders to thoughts and feelings, flooded with emotions that involuntarily take over the face or posture is determined by outlook. History, the brunt and joys of our experiences, mark the body.  If we live long enough time will lay her rage on our faces, sloughing away flesh or adding weight.“

limbs heart tongue & teeth presents artists who consider how deeply we understand our bodies and how we experience our relationship to our surroundings through these fleshy vessels. Different aspects of the body as phenomenon are addressed including body language, formlessness, disability and the religious body.

-Lisa Alembik, Dalton Gallery curator 2002-2013