Pink Days Azure Nights

Pink Days Azure Nights

Pink Days Azure Nights on view Spring 2006 curated by Lisa Alembik.

“This exhibition does not revolve around a theme. Pink Days, Azure Nights was borne from a call that brought forth artists unknown to the organizer in addition to new ideas from familiar ones.

This exhibition does not revolve around a theme, but connections are made. Is it something in the air, or burning questions that have evolved over centuries time of artists and culture makers? That which is occurring in the world around us is dredging up unavoidable complexities linked to raw emotion and new action. The volcanic eruptions and digging down of Julie Puttgen and Celeste Roberge knock on tectonic plates and a wryness of living. Anthony Greco reaches into the void fabricated from chaos, therein, finding a rhythm in the hurricane – the same form and energy inspiring Jennifer Beuno’s mirrored installation that projects our world fragmented into parallel systems, as she asks: “What do we desire?”; They think alongside Nell Ruby, who gives us a place to witness, a home/not-home made from sections and conflicting perspectives. As space unfolds, opening, the turning dancer in Hyun-Jean Lee’s video makes us feel connected, turning with her. Pieces segmented, running on and overlapping, cropped – still framing the simultaneously mundane and majestic moments of Terri Dilling, Brian Bishop, and Niklas Sven Vollmer. Fragmenting the moment is T.W. Meyer and Judy Parady, breaking things down to their smallest denominator. All of the artists in Pink Days, Azure Nights inspect how we look at our role in the world, or are told what our position should be – the often randomness of psychological diagnosis leads them to step into our spaces as we step into theirs.”

-Lisa Alembik, Dalton Gallery curator 2002-2013