Theodore Clements, Prone to Drift, Oil on canvas, 2013

As an art teacher who teaches early childhood education, I have been exposed to various types of people and situations. Five year old children tend to put everything they have into their art. Their art is unbiased and raw as nature itself. I connect with their art because it is a lot like mine. They leave nothing out of their art and neither do I. I feel that my art speaks to the viewer’s inner child. Ideas are abstract and can be interpreted in many different ways. My paintings are my interpretations of words that God has inspired in me. I choose symbolism to convey the messages God has entrusted me with. Having a foundation to my paintings is crucial for its believability. My paintings are based on the first phonetic Hebrew alphabet. Early writings were in pictograph form. The alphabet began as pictures of everyday things like ox heads, houses, and doors. God’s Word comes to me in as a seemingly everyday coincident. I do not believe in coincident. I believe God gives us everything we need and if we listen we can hear Him. I believe that God chooses certain people to be His Watchmen. I am certain that I have been chosen for this task. Even though God does not necessarily need us to do His work, I am sure that it is my responsibility to speak to others about what He has said to me.