Curatorial Statement and Thanks – Anna Carnes `19

Art details by Melissa Huang, Abigail Stern, Christina Teurel and Beck Odum Chaz.

&yet began as an idea to fill a hole I saw in the art community. In my time at Agnes Scott College working for the Dalton Gallery and the Decatur Arts Alliance I often felt cut off from the art world outside of my bubble. The work I was seeing and the conversations that were happening were exciting and valuable, but I rarely worked with artists from my generation. In developing and working on various projects the barriers that $30 application fees and just lack knowledge about the process became readily apparent. In my position as a Fellow with the Department of Art & Art History I rediscovered a project that had run in the gallery for a few years before my time there- Collage, a colloquium of the arts, which brought together undergraduate students from the ARCHE Program (Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education) for conversations and presentations in one space. I am overly ambitious at times- what can I say, I’m an aries, but bringing Collage back to Agnes in full force felt like a massive task. Inspired by the spirit of Collage I wanted to create an accessible opportunity for young emerging artists to bring them into conversation with one another. To me, more than anything, art is a conversation. A conversation between works, among friends and strangers, or within. 

I want to begin by thanking everyone who lent their support in creating and developing this exhibition. I want to thank the Kirks, as well as the Decatur Arts Alliance for their financial support, due to which we were able to offer an application free of charge to &yet. I want to thank the Department of Art & Art History for believing in and allowing me this opportunity to create something I felt passionate about. Thanks to the jurors, Veronica Kessenich, Joseph Peragine, and Yu-Kai Lin for lending their time and expertise to &yet. Thanks to Jimmie Keys of Hangtime Installation, Sprintprint, and Speedpro Imaging. I especially want to thank Angie Macon, Leah Owenby, Veronica Kessenich, and Nell Ruby – this exhibition truly could not have happened without your mentorship and support.

This exhibition was made possible by the James T and Ella Rather Kirk Fund.

Anna Carnes `19 currently works as the Kirk Curatorial and Collections Fellow here at Agnes Scott as well as working for the Decatur Arts Alliance as their Project Coordinator.

During her time at Agnes, she worked as a gallery assistant and handled photography and social media for the Dalton Gallery on campus and off campus as Project Coordinator at The Decatur Arts Alliance.  She served as curatorial assistant for the 2017 Decatur Fine Arts Exhibition and lead curator for the 2018 and 2019 exhibitions, the Dalton Gallery‚Äôs largest annual exhibition of juried national and international artists that Agnes Scott hosts in conjunction with our community partners, The Decatur Arts Alliance. She has assisted in the exhibition catalog design and production for showing/thinking 2016, 2017, and 2018, as well as the Side by Side Catalog. You can find more of her work at and on Instagram @annacarnesart