Kate Burke, happy for you, thread, 2019

‘happy for you’ explores the hidden, and perhaps ceremonial, acts of sinister thought. Steeped in the carnal subtlety of jealousy, the returning motif of repetitious thought on ethereal material suggests a certain metaphorical and physical groundlessness to the claims “happy for you” boasts. Despite the fact that they may have no ground or depth to their existence, the repetitive, ritualistic mantra of these thoughts may often run just beneath our consciousness, physically always with us, and subliminally in a state of unrelenting. 

Within the works there is a tension between honestly acknowledging the thought as “real” and believing the thought has any physical manifestations or consequences. Coupled with disguise and pervasive lightness and subtlety, the thoughts can give us the option to refuse their true nature or innocently remain unaware of their presence. Functioning to conceal, to hide, and to distort recognition, the inherent and ceremonial implications of a veil are hemmed into these works, further distorting our jealous underbelly.