Avanti Only, Honey, gouache, 2019

The name Avanti Only comes from only want to create art for myself. My experiences as a black, queer, nonbinary, woman-adjacent, femme artist from the south inform the art that I create. My work depicts people and portraits because I have found that to be the best way to articulate my story. 

Often times people like myself don’t get represented in the fine art world in positive lighter one that doesn’t allude to racist or misogynistic ideologies. My bois are soft. My femmes are fat. My subjects are dark-skinned. And I try to put a little piece of myself into each and every one of them

I am to produce work that I would have wanted to see growing up, and I aim to produce work that serves my community.

Avanti Only is a painter and illustrator from Atlanta, Ga. Their primary mediums are gouache and oils. In 2018 they graduated from Agnes Scott College with a degree in Africana Studies and Studio Art. Their work primarily focuses on their experiences as a black queer femme of the south. Their work has been shown in the Dalton Gallery, Mammal Gallery, and the Bakery of Atlanta.

When they are not making art they are spending time with their dogs Kai and ChiChi, experimental baking, and making YouTube videos.

Instagram: @avantionly

Twitter: avantionly