Anastasia Owen, IN MY BAG, acrylic, 2019

My work is all about the fun and squishy insides of our bodies. I use acrylic for the ease of creating flat planes of color; I’m not interested in creating intense depth. There are bold lines, floppy shapes, and loud colors to help the viewer feel the same child-like whimsical energy I did while making the art. I want to say, “Look at me! Now look in me, and maybe we’ll laugh together.”

After forming her artistic career at Agnes Scott College, Anastasia ’18 has settled down in Decatur. She is primarily a painter and most of her work is inspired by a fusion of pop-art and subtle realism, focusing on segmented body parts and how the “physics of it all” works. She enjoys representing imagery that is left-of-center. While painting is the bulk of her work, she also has a love for photography. Her portfolio features photographs that are more serious in nature and explore the subtle relationships we make with the people in our circles. You can find more information about her on her instagram.

Instagram: @Dexterovnart