Zachary Francois, Bunny in the red sweater, Film Photography, 2019

Less is more…simple is better. This is my approach to creating uncommon photography. On every shoot, my objective is to employ techniques to deliver images people aren’t used to seeing. My photography encourages audiences to slow down and take a deep dive into the scene. My body of work is an exercise in countering the hyper digital world that we live in. I
bring an intentional, highly personalized perspective to every portrait. I focus on creating images that do not overwhelm, but tempt the audience to contemplate every inch of the scene.
The use of light and the natural environment—juxtaposed with my subjects, capture the very essence of their humanity in a genuinely unique way. Interpersonal relationships and the potential for new connections inform and inspire my work. I welcome viewers of my photography to step inside the very thoughts, mood, feelings, and life of each scene.

Zachary James Francois was born in Naperville, Illinois in 1999. Zachary is talented at displaying each subject’s uniqueness from the garments they wear, to the location in which the portrait is shot. Fashion plays a huge part in his fun and intimate portraits as each look has its own story and purpose. 

Moving to Atlanta in January 2019, Zack photographed a body of work which he entitled “Welcome to Atlanta”. This series of images explores leaving a previous way of life, settling into a new normal, and discovering the myriad facets of creating unique photography. 

Zachary continues to take a deep dive into photography that will undoubtedly reveal who he really is as an artist, as well as an individual committed to personal growth and evolution.