GW Harper, Hell Hath No Fury, Mixed media on stained wood with acrylic finished in resin, 2019

As a woman of color it is important to me that my work always illustrates other people of colorbeing uplifted even in their most daunting of hours. I am a creative therefore my subject matter may vary however, the expressiveness of bold color always remains the same. I am always striving to push the envelope. How might I hide pieces of myself within the painted layers while simultaneously connecting with the outside world? My ultimate goal is to invoke emotion that not only transcends age, race, or gender but connects with the human experience at the most basic level.

African-American artist GW Harper was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1980. Throughout her life, GW Harper has always been a creative and felt drawn to the art realm. Initially GW Harper’s creations were a method of stress relief that evolved into something much larger. Her interest in art was cultivated during her adolescent years and further developed when she opted to take several art classes during her latter high school years.

After completing her nursing degree, GW Harper briefly shifted away from her creative background in order to focus on her nursing career but soon returned to her first true love full-time specializing in acrylic/watercolor based abstract and mixed media creations. The abstract images GW Harper paints could easily be left up to one’s interpretation. Her Mixed Media pieces often draw parallels between current political topics and contains a slew of hidden messages and double entendres woven within the blankets of color. GW Harper cherishes when onlookers derive their own meaning from her pieces based on their own life experiences and is happiest when she is able to inspire others to follow their dreams.

GW Harper lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia, surrounded by her art, husband, and two young daughters. She has an art studio at The Goat Farm in West Midtown.