Hannah Burton, Wishbone, cyanotype and ink

I use drawing, printmaking and cyanotypes to create cryptic, imaginative works of art. I use my work to explore the relationship between the human experience in an earthbound realm, the existence of a transcendent one and where those worlds intersect. I take inspiration from rituals, symbolism, the transcendent experience and my own interactions with my immediate environment and mind. 

 Creating my work is like practicing a ritual that is reflective and responsive to my own human experience. I use visual and physical elements in my work from my surroundings varying from plant life to collections of bugs to form a bond not with the final product but, with the process of reflecting a moment. It is important for me to document these moments because, it is a way for me to ritualistically connect and show homage to the earth and phases of my life that I have found impactful and important for my own development in the human experience. 

The symbolism used in my practice is both common symbology and personal. I use it to represent certain comforts, fears, questions and observations. These symbols are often reflected in my work to capture a moment in which that symbol was relevant to me. 

Transcendent is, beyond the range of the normal or, physical human experiences. I use this to encompass the experience of dreams, apparitions, spiritual experiences and anything that could be from a transcended source or, that is tapped into by a transcending individual. This is important to the work because, it is the thing that bridges the physical and the mystical together. I’m interested in capturing those moments of togetherness that exist both infinitely in finitely.

Instagram: @hanksy_b