Celeste Nelson, Mischief and Little Suzy, Soft sculpture, 2019

Curly Shurley, Soft sculpture, 2019

Broccoli Head, Soft sculpture, 2019

(From Left to Right) Curly Shurley, Broccoli Head, and Mischief and Little Suzy

My work explores the relationship between comfort and disfunction. I repurpose second hand stuffed animals bought from thrift stores, disassemble them, and hand sew the pieces back together, creating a new more personal and complex soft sculpture. My materials allow me to work intuitively to create pieces that are organic and flow naturally. By utilizing familiar images and objects I can create work that sparks a mix of emotions. My sculptures are tactile and meant to be picked up, squished, and snuggled. They express a complex personality.

Celeste Nelson was born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama but currently resides in Atlanta. She is attending The Savanah College of Art and Design as a printmaking major but has found a love in textiles and soft sculptures. She is working to combine the two mediums for her future work.