Roxanne Anderson, So Will Me & So Will You, Mixed Media on bristol mounted on fabric, 2019

“So Will Me & So Will You” is contained by a colorful floral fabric frame and a solid gold border. Within these boundaries a nondescript and somewhat abstract female bust with a human skull nestled on top of her head is portrayed – this bust is set against a detailed and brightly colored, but veiled background. Within the bust, there is a mixture of flesh and skeleton before morphing into an organic mass of shapes just below where the collar bones would begin. The piece plays with different areas of symmetry within an overall asymmetrical composition. Brightly colored and filled with intricate detail, the female bust and skull combination is separated from the background with a thin veil.
Greatly influenced by my fascination with cycles, death, the human body, and Dia De Los Muertos, “So Will Me & So Will You” celebrates the fine line existing between life and death.

For as long as I can remember I have been a maker and have been allowed the space to explore and create. However, I did not begin to seriously dive into and develop my own practice until 2005 when my middle school art teacher invited me to be part of the high school Visual Arts Competition (VAC). This was a pivotal moment and there was no turning back. 

I began to pursue my BFA at Kennesaw State University and will be returning this summer to complete what I started. The time that I have spent there and the interactions that I have had (both there and just in my everyday life) has greatly influenced my approach to my process – part of the “art” is the process and appreciating all of the good, bad, and ugly that comes with it. 

My practice has grown with me and is a direct reflection of my everyday life – including but not limited to – questions and topics of research that I immerse myself into, and the movement and flow of energy through my body and the space in which I occupy. Much of my time is spent allowing myself to be dazzled by the world around me – for better or for worse because I believe that inspiration can come from anywhere or anyone at anytime. I do not want to miss the light or the dark. I have found immersing myself in experiences, interactions, and my own self, has allowed me to play and become more comfortably uncomfortable with diving into the deep waters of creating. This realization has been integral to my practice. 

Over the years my practice has began to incorporate: appreciation of the destruction and creation process, reflection of self, my movement practice, research of current questions about anything and everything – life, society, how the body works, nature, etc., – if it comes about in my brain-space, it is fair game. The information and experiences that I take in are then processed and worked through in my sketchbooks or are improvisational. Either way, the process cannot be contained – it flows like blood in veins.
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