Kama Pellani, Darn, cotton socks, 2018

In my current work, I explore the context and properties of a variety of non-traditional materials from Tyvek and drywall cornering to used socks and fabric scraps. Process and the initial exploration of the material at hand are as important to me as the final product. Each material has its own unique properties, strengths, and challenges. Some materials are malleable and easy to manipulate, others I find uncompromising and stubborn. Tyvek, for example, is a favorite of mine that epitomises exactly what I look for in a material. This coated, fibrous, and water-resistant material is extremely durable and resilient. This proposes an exciting challenge as to how to manipulate it. It cannot be easily ripped, burned, or dyed. It is the most malleable in the presence of intense heat, which causes the material to shrink-up on itself and harden. This allows for lots a play with structure and texture.
In my new Darn series, my materials of choice are used socks; often stained and/or torn. Socks are a surprisingly disposable item for something that provides us with such an immense amount of comfort and protection throughout its use. Unfortunately, we often no longer take the time to fix what is broken before discarding it. We no longer darn our socks when holes present themselves. I take these unwanted socks and mend them; using their natural lines, curvatures, and undulations to create wall hanging sculptures.

Kama Bryn Pellani is a contemporary sculpture artist living in Atlanta, Ga. Kama graduated from Georgia State University in 2018 with a BA in Studio Art. Her diverse experience under the umbrella of studio art has allowed her to experiment across many different disciplines honing in on textiles and its application in sculpture. She has recently exhibited work at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center in Atlanta and the Abernathy Arts Center in Sandy Springs.