Hannah Brooks, Pacific Pipeline, oil paint, 2019

I strive to create work that brings forth feelings of reminisce. Draping topographical forms with layers of colors, emulating fabric, bridges the ideas of domesticity and the unpredictability of the nature into one congruent thought. Painting with oils and monoprinting allows for me to create luminescent, dreamy landscapes while still integrating textures in which one finds familiarity. Working towards the future, my intention is to delve deeper into interpersonal relations in domestic environments, and I want to find a way to depict the intimate, terrifying, and surreal moments of everyday life. 

Hailing from the Metro-Atlanta area, Hannah Brooks is an Atlanta based artist who focuses in painting, printmaking, and bookarts. She is currently attending Georgia State University pursuing a BFA in printmaking where she is also heavily involved with the university’s Print Club. When she isn’t at school or in the studio, she is at home reading with her two black cats, Betty and Letty.  

Instagram: @hannahbrooksart