Benjamin Hunsinger, Printing Problems, Latex paint on canvas, 2019

(Center) Printing Problems

I paint about substance abuse. Painting the distortion of how alcohol reinterprets our reality and how people cope with the very substance itself. Working behind a bar, I serve the very substance itself that shapes so many people’s social groups and personalities. And I use this perspective to inspire my work. To not only capture bar culture, but to capture the very individuals who are immersed in it. I paint with latex house paint because it is fast, and has a unique way of creating texture while it dries. I manipulate the drips, and colors to create compositions relating to the human figure. I use the figure because it is very effective with communicating various emotions, and overall mood. My goal is to remain dominantly abstract while still giving my viewers a clear idea of the subject matter they are looking at, and translating the overall mood of the painting.

Ben is an emerging artist based in Atlanta, GA. He received a B.F.A. in painting at Georgia State University in 2019. He continues to make work based on substance abuse, using latex house paint. Ben continues to make paintings while working full-time as a bartender, and pursuing his career as an artist.