Daniel Stone, Dave, Ink, 2019

Five years ago in May 2015, I graduated from Montserrat College of Art in Beverly Massachusetts with a BFA in interdisciplinary studies. In November 2017, shortly after I had moved from Beverly back to my hometown in Pittsfield, I packed my entire studio into my pickup truck and drove down to Atlanta in search of a thriving art community and work in the film/entertainment industry. For one month I lived with my friend and mentor, Susan Handler, who introduced me to Atlanta and helped get me started on my new path. Through perseverance, honesty, trust, respect, consistency, discernment, and dedication I’ve found both the community and the work. This has led me to some of the most loving friendships and strongest business partnerships I’ve ever had, creating a vital support system that has fostered genuine self respect and awareness. From this I have been able to establish deep and meaningful discipline that has given me a clearer sense of who I am and what my true potential can be.
As a natural explorer, I spend most of my time learning new techniques and skills. In my personal practice I don’t like to settle on one thing at a time because the workflow is much more dynamic if I’m plugged into multiple creative outlets at once. Working this way creates conversation between the disciplines and ultimately they influence one another. In regards to illustration, I’ve begun making portraits in a very structured way, similar to how I would sculpt. These portraits began in 2019 and are becoming a series. Five are finished and the sixth is in progress. I’m portraying my closest friends and family members one at a time, the love I have for them is overwhelming and they all deserve more credit for their brilliance, their color scheme shows the impressions they make on me, and somehow gives me a deeper understanding of them. When I’m commissioned, I like to meet the person first, but if I can’t, I’ll try to get a sense of their personality from the photograph in order to choose their colors. In my business life, I work independently, running my own shop named Urban Dragon Studios. I primarily specialize in set building, prop making, and custom woodworking. In my spare time there I add onto multiple ongoing sculpture projects. In the near future I plan to attend graduate school to begin focusing on installation art. Through years of reflection, meditation, experimentation, and self discipline I have realized that I must continue my education, live and work in thriving creative environments, and celebrate my interdisciplinary outlook and skillset, instead of criticizing myself for not settling on one easily marketable style or medium which “represents” me as an artist.