Lydia James, Destination Dekalb, fabric applique, thread, watercolor, coffee on embroidery hoop, 2019

Ponce Sunset, fabric applique, thread, beads, on embroidery hoop, 2019

(Top) Ponce Sunset and (Bottom) Destination Dekalb

Since moving home from the Midwest and settling in my first apartment here, my mind and heart have been full of images of Atlanta. My two pieces for this show–the DeKalb water tower (rest in peace) and the sun setting over Ponce–make me think of driving around the city with my parents as a child, and then exploring the city by myself as a teenager. These scenes remind me fondly of home and act as a testament to how I have seen Atlanta change and yet remain the same over the past 20 years.

Lydia James is a 22-year-old interdisciplinary artist living and working in Atlanta. She recently graduated from Grinnell College in Iowa with a BA in Studio Art. Lydia draws, paints, embroiders, knits, and is learning to sew her own clothing. She particularly loves all types of fiber art and hopes to pursue an MFA in fiber, textile, and material studies in the future.
Instagram: @lydiajamesart