Abigail Stern, Body Image (pink), woodblock print, 2019

Body Image (Pink), depicts an isolated figure seated in an ornamental pose. This work is an extension of the theme of bodily distortion that I have recently been exploring. I took a picture of my body from an angle that naturally created distortion, then carved from the photo. In this work, I played with the printing process & shape in a design-oriented way. I am showing the body as a tangle, the body as vulnerable, the as body shape, form, and line. What does it give to you?

Abigail Stern is a multimedia artist from Carrboro, North Carolina. She graduated from Agnes Scott College in December 2019 with a BA in Studio Art. Although Abigail loves painting, photoshop, and performance, she has not yet settled on her preferred medium. Her artwork is largely focused on reimagining Eating Disorder imagery and symbology, as well as exploring both internal and external relationships.


Instagram: @bluestbody