Brianna Denenny, Discard, wood, metal, found objects, plaster, resin, and cast rubber, 2019

This series of work investigates the ways humans use utilitarian objects to discard of waste that will ultimately accumulate in a new location; out of site and out of mind. I created a series of whimsical and futile objects that hint toward tools humans use to relocate their waste. For example, I made a mold of a trash pick wrapped in bubble wrap and cast it in rubber. The final result is ornamented with a bulbous and textured metallic surface and is completely impractical for the intended user. Most of the pieces are meant to be puzzling for the viewer. While some may directly resemble a tool or object that typically has a purpose, some have been abstracted to such a degree that they are incapable of performing their intended action. I used metal work, wood design and mold making processes to create each of these pieces. There are seven completed “tools” displayed on pegboard and supported with castings of my hands. The forms are personified through their dynamic surfaces and bright colors. Aesthetically pleasing and enticing in nature, these virtually useless objects refer to the saying, “all that glitters is not gold.” Whether you plunge it, sweep it, grab it or poke it, the waste we discard of is still piling up and impacting our environment. 

The materials I choose help personify the forms I create. I aim to create a unique experience for the viewer, while utilizing the visual language objects convey to further push my concepts. I am most interested in exploring people’s internal states, cycles, dualities and sensory experiences. I frequently find ways to integrate smell, touch, and sound within my pieces to activate the senses. Lavender, white noise and TV static are all elements that recur within my work because they represent my neurological condition, known as visual snow. My visual field is constantly flooded with static and I incorporate this experience into some of my work to call into question the unique ways we all experience this world through our senses.

I strive to create a collective sensory experience for the viewer often adding an additional underlying conceptual purpose to my pieces. I typically incorporate video, mold-making, metal and wood into my sculptures. I use naturally occurring and manmade forms to create conversations about comfort, discomfort, memories and our relationship to the natural world. Through creating work that activates the senses beyond sight, I aim to create a holistic space to pause and view my work. When I choose to incorporate sound, touch or smell into a piece I try to consider how the materials work together to amplify my intended message to the viewer. Most recently, I am beginning to explore human interaction within my work. I am intrigued by the way we choose to interact with the objects around us, our natural world and our past, present and future selves.

Brianna Denenny is an Atlanta-based artist and a recent ’19 graduate from Georgia State University. She primarily focuses on sculpture and installation.