Allison Aguilera, Passion Fruit, Porcelain and Watercolor, 2018

Passion Fruit is a two-piece sculpture that is meant to be held. Its duality is representative of both ardor and self-growth found in discovering who and what you love. The heart was first sculpted with porcelain clay as a whole, then split to carve the chambers and ventricles. It was then painted with watercolor and covered in resin. While viewers are encouraged to interact with the piece, it is advised that they treat it kindly as it is the artist’s heart.

Allison Aguilera is currently based in Decatur. While her preferred methods are watercolor and colored pencil for illustration, she works in many different mediums to convey emotion. It is through the use of vibrant colors and themes of human connection that she creates art revolving around feelings of love, warmth, nostalgia, and familiarity.