Megan Fowler, Two Youths Sharing a Passionate Kiss, oil on canvas, 2019

This piece captures a moment of youth, raw human emotion, true acceptance of oneself, and the fluidity of sexuality. It highlights and contradicts the generalized thinking of what it means to be masculine or feminine. It also provokes polarizing feelings as some, like myself, perceive this as a beautiful moment, while others find it provocative. Often those offended are suffering under the constraints of a society where the notion of “boys will be boys” is rampant and “locker room” talk is not only unavoidable, but participation is expected. Perhaps these people are lashing out against those who have decided they do not have to conform to others ideals; who have done what the offended individual wishes they could do for themselves. We forget how much power we have and the freedom that comes from acceptance, without the requirement of understanding. If men can be “feminine” and women can be “masculine”, then adjectives stop being constraints and transform into free expressions of individuality. 

Megan Fowler is a fine artist currently living and working in Atlanta, Georgia. From a young age the human figure, especially the tension between the physical and conceptual figure, has been a major influence in her life and work. Her concepts are largely based on personal experiences and her own femininity as she tries to address the conflicts between the one’s authentic self, society’s collective interpretations of femininity, and the messy reality surrounding the same. 

Megan attended the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia. There she expanded her talents in drawing and painting, as well as dabbled in, metal working, jewelry, photography, and fabric design. She also had the opportunity to study in Cortona, Italy, where she was surrounded by the work of powerful artists, including her most influential muse, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.

Recognizing that her passion needed structure, Megan also pursued a bachelor’s degree in business administration. This experience allowed her to execute her art in a mindful and practicable way. Since graduating in May 2017, she has built her own art business. For more information, please go to

Instagram: @mfowlerart