Clarisa Berrios, Midnight, Watercolor and Gesso, 2019

                                Sunday Morning, India Ink, 2019

Sunday Morning, India Ink, 2019
Midnight, Watercolor and gesso, 2019

The Recycled Frame Series is an ongoing project featuring thrift store frames, wherein I replace the artwork inside with my own as well as a slip of paper explaining the work and then donating it back to non-profits. These works are influenced by the frame‚Äôs aesthetics, the art that was initially inside it, or both. I then integrate these inspirations with a chosen interior space, drawing from memory or a photograph, to create the final work. In this series, the central theme is nostalgia; each piece is mainly reflective of my own experiences. The subject matter focuses on interior structures that I find significant and beautiful. Rebuilding these places through drawing and painting allows me to impart my psyche onto them and replicate the collision of memory and emotion.

Clarisa is a  painter currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. She earned her BFA at Georgia State University and has participated in several group shows.