Devin Morrison, It’s a Black Life!, Vine charcoal, compressed charcoal and graphite, 2019

I experience no greater love than my love for people. As a young child I was a gifted reader and I immersed myself in the stories of others. Always fascinated by characters that exhibited great growth, overcoming obstacles within and outside themselves. Humanity is a significant theme in my work that I continue to explore. I come to artistic discoveries by my need to identify my own humanity. Discovery is at its peak when I am interacting with others, operating within the many communities that play to my interest but that also intrigues me. This focus on community comes from my experiences as the oldest of eight children, which has been the most impactful in learning about relationships and just how important they are.

Before ever being creative with a stick of charcoal, Devin was creative with her body. From an early age she was a natural athlete and dancer, who was experimental, and always move with her heart. Always examining a very rhythmic existence. It is this it has been a source of artistic form and creativity. In Atlanta based artist, Devin‘s work boldly represents the intimate community of Atlanta. She shines a light on the complexities of black life through narrative composition. She creates drama and wondering her work through the Whitestone range, placing emphasis on her subjects and then Bierman. Having earned her bachelors degree in studio art from Agnes Scott College she returns for her first ever exhibition. Excited and determined to grow more than ever. 

Instagram: @sheezzzus